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Just - Radiohead


Radiohead | Just

You do it to yourself, you do. And that’s what really hurts…

Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding

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Sweet Sour - Band of Skulls


It’s just a little karma trying to disarm ya

It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I’d known, maybe I’d have kept tighter hold of them and not let unseen tides pull us apart.
— Haruki Murakami, Never Let Me Go (2010)

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“Hasta mis escritos ya se aburrieron de tu existencia. No volveré a mencionar tu nombre, no volveré a usar mis letras en ti. Se acabaron los “te extraño” y se fueron los “vuelve”. Compré un poco de dignidad, me vestí de un tanto de orgullo, me arreglé la seguridad y te saqué, clavo. Siguiente capítulo.”
Turn Blue - The Black Keys

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This picture was taken from the last show of the tour and the final performance of Led Zeppelin together, July 7, 1980.

Season of the Witch - Donovan


When I look out my window
Many sights to see
And when I look in my window
So many different people to be
That it’s strange
So strange…